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The activity of private concierge is above all service. We have the capacity to be able to respond to almost all requests, we are mobile, and available 24 hours a day, we are life facilitators.

The two main activities are the rental of real estate, and the transport of people. But beyond that there are other important services: Reservation of restaurants or events: we reserve in advance or at the last minute places at restaurants, for events, concerts, fashion shows, etc.   Yacht rental: we find the yacht that suits our customers’ requests, with all the logistics that go with it.

Reservation of helicopter transfers: We organize helicopter transfers for customers.  

External service provider: We book an appointment or put the client in touch with a doctor, coach, hairdresser, masseur, music teacher, etc.  

Check in / check out of villa: we take care of the entry / exit of customers in the villas.   Shopping and delivery: we do the shopping for customers (food, clothing, objects, tools, furniture, etc.) and their delivery.  

Private assistant: we work as a private assistant (PA) to resolve customer issues.   Butler: we work with quality butlers to provide villa service.   Event organization: we work with event organization companies.

We manage and organize the requests of the customers, we are private assistant, concierge, but for what requires precise qualifications, we call upon our partner reviews.

You will find below a price list which will allow you to have the details of the services invoiced.