Private concierge service

Our core business is service

We have the capacity to be able to respond to all requests. We are mobile and available 24/7, we are easier life maker

We support :

  • Booking restaurants or events : we reserve or at the last-minute places at
    restaurants, for events, concerts, fashion shows, etc.
  • Yacht rental : We find the yacht that suits the demand of our customers, with all the coordination and amenities that goes with it.
  • Helicopter transfer reservation : We arrange helicopter reservations for our
  • The external provider : We book an appointment, or we connect the client
    with a doctor, coach, hairdresser, masseur, music teacher, etc.
  • Check in/ check out : we take care of welcoming customers upon their arrival.
  • Buying food : we shop for our customers (food, clothes, objects, tools, furniture, etc.) and make their delivery
  • Private assistance : we work as a private assistant to solve daily issues.
  • Setting up the butler : we work with experienced butlers to carry out service
    in private homes.
  • Event planning : we work with event planning professionals.

We manage and organize customers’ requests. We are specialized in private assistantship, concierge… But, in terms of specific qualifications, we call on our partners network.